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These are my thoughts, opinions and views of the real estate world as I see it!

  • Thursday, August 04, 2011 2:13:00 PM

    There has been a lot of discussion up on Capitol Hill regarding down payments for mortgages. The feds with the support of lenders are contemplating the idea of regulating the down payment to residential purchase loans in response to the mortgage crisis. The new regulation would require all residential buyers to put down a minimum of 20% on all residential purchase loans.

    I don't see this as a good idea for the economy and the real estate market. In Waltham, it isn't out of the norm to have a home buyer put down as little as 3% on a home purchase loan, even in this market. Its how the middle class people are buying homes. The qualification process is much tighter now, and lenders and banks are taking great care to make sure today's buyers can actually afford the home.

    Taking away the ability for buyers to put down less than 20% will only crush this very fragile market. I believe it will destroy home values and take away jobs. The middle class are the primary borrowers who seek loans with minimal down payments. Taking away these types of loans will take away the basic American dream for many people. Buying a home today is already difficult. For the most part, it requires dual incomes, good credit and solid employment history. With the cost of living constantly on the rise, saving money is a challenge.

    The math is simple, for a $350,000 purchase, (This is less than the average sale price in Waltham) a 20% deposit would be $70,000! I read it would take the average American family over 15 yeas to save up a 20% down payment to purchase a home.

    It's my opinion that there are no winners with this sort of regulation and I don't think it protects anyone. Home values would plummet, affecting everything including real estate tax, which are the revenues for local towns and city's. Home ownership shouldn't be this hard to obtain.

    Tags: Waltham , Down payment , real Estate loans.
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  • Wednesday, May 18, 2011 3:25:00 PM
    In the past few weeks, I have seen lots of properties come onto the market here in Waltham, MA with less of those homes being purchased. In a healthy market, I like to see a, one to one ratio of new listings to home that go under agreement on a weekly basis. The current market in Waltham is following a ratio of three new listings, to one property going under agreement.

    So why is the market slow? I believe there are a number of reasons which are all contributing to the slowdown. One, is the total number of buyers out looking for a home. It’s more difficult to qualify for a home loan than in the past. The banks and mortgage lenders are being very selective and stringent in the pre-approval process. This will limit the number of buyers in the buying pool. Also buyers are increasing there search area and looking in multiple communities. In the past, a buyer may have had two communities they concentrated on in their search area. Today, it's not unusual for a buyer to have three or even four other communities, thinning the flock of buyer even further. Lastly, until inventory decreases we'll have a slowing of the market. It takes buyers a lot more time to view all the homes in their price range and as more homes come on the market, buyers are reluctant to "pull the trigger" because, the buyer feels a better home could be just around the proverbial corner and are waiting to see if it will come on the market. Lastly, buyers are also waiting for prices to drop even more.

    Home pricing can compound the issue because while new listing are coming on the market, sellers have a tendency to price their homes a little hirer than the current market will bare. I'm not saying the homes are being over priced but, sellers are pushing the limits at the beginning of the listing period. If a seller chooses to over price their home in the beginning, then as the listing sits, small price adjustment are necessary before a home may attract a buyer. The first price reductions on a property may be considered and assessed in the second to third week in the listing period, again adding to the slowing market place.

    I believe the market place is poised to get stronger. As employment is on the rise and more people feel more secure in the jobs. For additional information regarding the current market refer to my housing reports for Single Family, Condominiums and Multi-Family properties.

    Tags: Waltham real estate , Moody , Market , report.
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